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Essential and Often Overlooked Admin Tasks For Newlyweds

As part of the whirlwind that is being a newlywed couple you can expect many wonderful experiences and events. There is the magical wedding celebration spent with family and friends and the honeymoon where your first cherished memories together alone as a wedded couple are created.

But lurking in the background among the good times are the bureaucratic necessities attached to being a newly married couple. These are important duties related to changing your name, changing your insurance plans, and more.

We’ve put together a list of some of the essential admin tasks to take care of for newlywed couples. Learn more about exactly what you need to focus on to avoid any unwelcome surprises.

Change Your Personal Info on Documents, Accounts, and Subscriptions

Newly married couples that choose to change their last name or their address can expect a lot of work ahead of them when it comes to updating their info. Changing your last name and updating your address can require several visits to government offices and many phone calls to different representatives to get everything in order.

It’s recommended to have a phone call or email exchange with each relevant local company or department representative before you get started. A fact-finding call will help you get organised with the correct supporting documents needed before you start visiting offices. Expect to be required to present your marriage license as well as your proof of ID, among other documents they will inform you about.

The accounts, documents, and subscriptions you may need to update as newlyweds include:

  • Your bank account info
  • Your debit and credit cards
  • Your investment accounts
  • Your driver’s licence
  • Your vehicle registration
  • Your passport
  • Your social security card
  • Your mobile phone contract
  • Your Home and Contents insurance and your car insurance
  • Your life insurance and pension beneficiaries
  • Your will
  • Your health insurance
  • Any other services and subscriptions that are attached to your payment cards or your photo ID (online streaming subscriptions, gym membership, etcetera)

Get Your Partner Added To Your Healthcare Plan

Once you’ve legally become domestic partners, figuring out what actions to take with your health insurance policy is another important task to undertake. If each person in the partnership is already covered under a different insurance policy you should check to see if it’s possible for one person to be switched onto the more beneficial plan.

If it is possible to add your spouse onto your plan, the next step will be to look into which policy offers more support. For example:

  • Which policy offers higher quality medical care?
  • Which policy offers higher financial coverage?
  • Which policy has better deductible payments?
  • Which policy has better maternity benefits?

Have a conversation with your insurance representative so you can compare plans and decide what course to take to get the best health coverage possible for you and your partner together.

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Update your Home and Contents Insurance Policy

Being a married couple means that you’ll be not only sharing your lives together, but will also be officially sharing each other’s possessions in the same household. This change in status means you should speak to your insurance representative to update your insurance policy and make sure that everything you own together is covered.

  • The Home and Contents Insurance policy should be changed to include the names and contact info of both people sharing the home together.
  • The list of items you share together should be updated so that they are completely covered under one policy.
  • The value of the Home and Contents Insurance policy should be updated so that you and your partner’s items are fully protected.
  • By getting organised and seeing to these admin tasks related to officially becoming a married couple, you will be able to relax and truly enjoy the beginning of your time spent together as newlyweds.

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