Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Every business that owns vehicles needs commercial vehicle insurance it can trust. Let CG United safeguard your company vehicles.

Protect your company vehicles and save on your premiums


Protect yourself against unexpected costs

Without insurance, you may have to pick up the cost of repairs for damage to your company vehicles. CG United Commercial Vehicle Insurance protects you and your company against unexpected costs that arise from collision damage and third party liability.


No claims. Bigger discount.

If you didn’t file a claim during your last policy period, you can receive a discount when you renew —whether you're new to CG United or have been with us for years.

Complete cover for commercial vehicles

CG United Commercial Vehicle Insurance policy offers a wide range of protections. Here are some of the covers our policy provides:


Collision damage protection


Third Party Liability protection


Attached accessories


Accident Assist

What types of vehicles are covered

Cars, Vans, and Buses

Our Commercial Vehicle Insurance policy isn't only for heavy-duty vehicles. We cover cars, vans, mini-vans, and other business vehicles that are used to make food deliveries, transport materials, drive children to school, and for many other activities.

Freight and Haulage Vehicles

Our policy includes a wide range of vehicles used for transporting goods in bulk such as lightweight trucks, cargo trucks, flatbed trucks, heavy duty trucks, trailers, and many more.

Specialty Vehicles

We have expertise in providing insurance for a diverse variety of specialty vehicles. These include agricultural machinery, contractors' plant and equipment, mobile shops such as cafes, and more.  


Get free claim advice

Our friendly and efficient claims advisers are available to help should you have claims questions.


60+ years serving the local community

We have over 60+ years of experience as insurance experts and are dedicated to serving the Caribbean Island community.

What our customers say

D Eggo

Good for vehicle insurance

L James

I have been a client for just over a year and I have had nothing but friendly, efficient and professional services. Great prices also for vehicle insurance.

T Brown

Wonderful smiling friendly face at the reception, fast excellent service. Nice experience.

S Gillespie

I bought third party car insurance through a wonderful agent, very friendly, knowledgeable and professional. The rates are great 

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Frequently asked questions

Check to make sure that you and your passengers are ok. If anyone is seriously injured, call 911 immediately. After confirming that everyone is safe, make sure that you exchange details with the other driver/s. These details should include: Name; contact info; registration number; the name of each person’s insurance company; the location of the accident; and the make, model & colour of each vehicle. Do not admit any fault. Be sure to take pictures from multiple angles of all vehicles involved, as well as the location. Obtain a copy of the police report if the authorities are involved. Contact CG as soon as possible even if you do not intend to make a claim.

Call the police right away to file a report. Contact CG directly afterward by phone, email, or in-person so that our claims team can walk you through the process.

If a tree falls on your car, your comprehensive motor policy will likely cover the cost to repair the damage. However, there are times when this might not be covered by your policy, for example, if you are cutting down a tree yourself and it falls onto your vehicle. In any event, it is important to contact us to speak with a team member as soon as possible.

Speak to a CG representative to find out about the Comprehensive and Third Party options we can offer to protect your vehicle.

For a motor insurance claim we require: the operator’s driver’s licence, a police report if authorities attended, details of the incident, and the insured’s name and policy number. A claim form can be obtained at our Forms page.

You can change your address by contacting CG via phone call, email, making a visit to our office.

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