Individual Health Insurance

You can get the healthcare you and your family need no matter where you are in life with CG’s medical cover.

Put Your Health First

Don’t put your peace of mind and your wallet at risk. When you make a medical claim through our online portal, you can track its status wherever you are.

Protect Your Health

You and your family deserve quality medical insurance that makes you a priority and protects you worldwide, so you are prepared for any situation.

Individual Health Insurance
Put Your Health First
Protect Your Health

Go solo without going it alone

Choosing a self-paid health insurance plan shouldn’t make you feel like you are on your own. Solus is our health insurance plan designed specifically to support the needs of people without employer-paid healthcare. It covers routine and unexpected medical expenses wherever you are. With the Solus plan, you receive comprehensive covers and exceptional services, including:  


Up to BBD$2 million medical cover for medical expenses, for care required both on and off the islands


Emergency and preventative medical care, including doctors visits and annual physical exams


Access to over one million medical providers in the USA when overseas treatments are needed


A fast and easy-to-use online claims process, to help you get paid quickly


Direct prescription drug reimbursement through your digital ID card

Always putting people first

For over 60 years, Coralisle Group Ltd (CG) has been putting people first with top quality insurance and customer service to match. Our goal is to help make healthcare simple for you and give you and your family access to cover whenever and wherever you need it.

Excellence measured by numbers


Claims settled in 5 days
with completed documents


Total CG medical claims
processed in 2023


CG Group serving the Caribbean communities

Experience world-class care

Solus offers individual health cover for medical services locally and worldwide.

Members receive a digital medical ID card that allows them to get direct reimbursement for medical expenses. Our card makes pharmacy visits, doctor appointments, and medical care while traveling much easier to manage.

With our online customer portal, you can:


Download your medical ID card


Submit a claim


View your claims history


Review your plan benefits


Find medical providers


Contact customer service

Our cover doesn’t stop at the border. The vast majority of our claims are for local treatment, but in critical situations, overseas facilities may be needed. Our insurance gives you exclusive access to over one million AETNA ASA U.S. network providers. Internationally, we provide access to IMG partner facilities.

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Frequently asked questions

Electronic download of your Digital ID card can happen right on your smartphone! Alternatively, you can print a hard copy of your ID card. Login or Register at and follow the instructions to get your copy.

All local providers are able to invoice CG directly, if they choose. Please check with your individual provider at the time of service or prior to your scheduled appointment. When searching for US providers, you may visit Please ensure your plan includes overseas coverage. If you have questions, contact us at the number listed on your digital ID card.

Most of the common prescription drugs will be covered under your medical plan. If you or your physician have questions about specific drugs, including compound drugs, please call us at the number listed on the back of your ID card.

A deductible is an amount the insured is responsible for before the insurance plan pays. The deductible does not include non-covered expenses under the plan.

Coinsurance is a percentage of the amount you will be charged for services related to your insurance. You start to pay coinsurance after your deductible has been satisfied.

A copay is a fixed amount you pay for health care services, usually given when you receive the service. The amount can vary by type of service and type of provider. Not all plans contain a copay feature.

An out-of-pocket maximum is a cap, or limit on the amount of money you have to pay for covered health care services in a plan year. If you meet that limit, your health plan will pay 100% of all covered health care costs for the rest of that plan year. A plan year is a 12 month period from January 1 through December 31.

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