CG community

CG Community

CG is a people-first company that is committed to strengthening our local communities through philanthropic efforts. We are dedicated to providing meaningful, direct, sustainable, and ethical social benefits that align with our giving ethos.

We endeavor to impact our local communities through initiatives that align with our priorities and support our mission, while providing innovative, meaningful, direct, sustainable, and ethical social benefits.

Our Focus

Community Welfare

Our primary goal is to support basic critical needs that will improve the quality of life of the people in our communities. This includes cooperating with organizations that aid in emergency response and preparedness, as well as programs and groups that help to grow their local economies.

Improving Health

As a health insurance provider, we know the importance of preventative care and health education. Therefore, we seek and support community groups and sport organizations that promote health and wellness.


Education is paramount to the development of our communities. From child development organizations to education foundations, we support programs and scholarships that provide our youth with educational opportunities.

Environment & Sustainability

It's more important than ever to support efforts that reduce our impact on the planet and encourage sustainability. It’s our goal to help raise awareness of environmental issues and to demonstrate environmentally responsible behavior through our own actions and the support of local organizations.

Giving back to support communities

At CG, we value businesses and organizations that have a positive impact on our local community. We want to join force with you to make our countries a better and more sustainable place.

If you or your organization are seeking support, please click the link below to complete our requests application. For eligibility, please visit our FAQs.

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