Prepare your business for the unexpected

With business insurance, you're protected from unexpected events, such as accidents or theft, that you would otherwise have to cover yourself. 

Cover made for your business

Your business is unique and your cover should be too. We’ll make it simple and help you create a plan to tackle whatever needs may arise in the future. Here are just a few types of the businesses we help protect:




Medical practitioners


Construction companies


Hotels, bars and restaurants


Lawyers and paralegals


Financial services


Shops and wholesalers


Real estate agents


And more

Claims paid quickly

We’re always ready to help you get your claims processed quickly so you can get back to business as usual.

Find the best cover for your business needs

People person? If your work brings you into contact with the public, it is beneficial for you to have public liability insurance. This provides protection against members of the public claiming that your business caused them injury or that you damaged their property.

Don’t be left liable. We provide a range of insurance designed to protect directors & officers and professionals against losses as a result of errors & omissions, negligence, dishonest acts and breach of fiduciary duties.

Pipe burst in the office? Get cover for loss of income when an unexpected insured event stops you from operating. It will also meet extra costs you may incur to keep your business up and running until repairs are completed.

Construction complications? This insurance protects contractors against material damage to the structure they are working on and the contractor’s equipment. The policy also covers liability for bodily injury and property damage to third parties.

We can help you rebuild. Buildings insurance protects your premises against damage or loss caused by natural disasters, water, theft, fire, vandalism and more. Building repairs can be very costly and having this cover will help you get your business back on its feet much quicker.

Merchandise gone missing? Contents insurance covers loss or damage to materials, business goods, or stock. This means that you will be compensated for damage or loss caused by fire, water, theft, and other causes listed in your policy.

Broken bones or outbreak? This insurance protects both your business and your employees in the event of work-related injury or illness. It helps cover the cost of medical care and lost wages for employees, and helps your business avoid expensive legal costs.

Shipment lost at sea? Whether you’re importing or exporting just once or on a regular basis, shipping insurance will cover your goods. This insurance protects companies and individuals against loss or damage to your shipment during the journey due to an insured event.

Frequently asked questions

A deductible is an amount the insured is responsible for before the insurance plan pays. The deductible does not include non-covered expenses under the plan.

We offer a wide range of options to protect businesses’ assets and their legal liabilities. Property Coverage, Business Interruption, and Worker’s Compensation are some of the available options that we will talk to business owners about. Find out more about our coverage by speaking to one of our team.

It is best to speak with one of our team to get the best information and advice. Our specialists can guide you through coverage options to help determine what plan will provide you with the best protection. Find our contact information here.

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